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Below are a few examples of the projects we have done. This area will grow as projects are completed. Please drop by or contact us to discuss your needs & interests.

Small landscape around newly constructed deck.

Right side of planting - same deck. Straw covering grass seed.

Island bed in progress.
Grading area for new patio.

Field mowing. One of our tractor sevices.

Screening 2 sheds on Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Escavating an area for a fish pond.

Leveling on area for an above ground pool.

Arborvitae used for screening rear of property.

New planting and sidewalk.

Island bed with dry river bed for drainage.

Another view of island bed.

Dry stream bed utilized for drainage.

Grading for proper drainage.

Arbs used for more screening at APG.

Firewood being delivered.

Grading and removing soil around retaining wall.

New brick sidewalk and steps.

Another view of same.

.... and another view.

Grinding stumps to make room for new planting.

New planting at new home in Bel Air.

Another view of the same.

Tearing out overgrown shubbery.

Constructing a wall in a pool area.

Using stone and pipe for drainage.

Planter and tree on patio.

Problem area before Dry stream constructed

Dry stream bed with blue stone squares & planting

Screening an area with Arborvitae.

Retaining wall for pool deck area under construction.

Completion of Retaining wall for pool deck area.


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